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The present article is based upon a research report of a project on religion, society, and politics in the two countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua. There are two aspects of the article we consider of interest for the readers. First, the project described is an example for social scientific inquiry of religious movements by means of HabitusAnalysis, a theory and method developed on the basis of Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology of praxis. In this sense, the article shows how to proceed in a praxeological study of religious actors and what the outcomes of such an approach can be. Second, in the chapter of “results” important findings are sketched so that there is a surplus as well in terms of empirical knowledge.

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Heinrich W. Schäfer
Tobias Reu
Adrian Tovar
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Heinrich W. Schäfer, Universidad de Bielefeld, Alemania

Tobias Reu, Universidad de Bielefeld, Alemania

Adrian Tovar, Universidad de Bielefeld, Alemania

Schäfer, H. W., Reu, T., & Tovar, A. (2017). RELIGIOUS IDENTITY POLITICS IN GUATEMALA AND NICARAGUA: A RESEARCH REPORT. Revista Cultura Y Religión, 11(2), 93-112. Recuperado a partir de


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